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Catch early
warning signals

  • Automatically monitor accounts and sales reps against data-based goals
  • Review simple reports that tell you the most important actions to take
  • Get alerts when an account needs immediate attention

Act before issues snowball


When you see that the team booked more meetings in July than in June, one click tells you the key drivers across every marketing and sales activity. No manual analysis. No wait.


You can't possibly be "in the weeds" on every opportunity in the pipeline. Let smart benchmarks set off alarm bells when one falls into the zone where you need to notice.


It's amazing how sales rep behavior changes when you show someone how they rank against their peers. Use data to coach to what's possible (and to know how high the bar can go). 

Protip: Choose your channel. Falkon can delivers via email or Slack. 

How it works

  • Connect sales and marketing data to Falkon
  • Our model analyzes historical deals to recommend goals, such as ideal touch frequency, and to set thresholds for alerts
  • Receive highlights by email or Slack, and use them to prioritize and delegate
  • Explore key drivers across sales and marketing to root cause changes
  • Coach reps with data, showing them exactly what it takes to be a rockstar
  • When an alert comes through, head off the issue before it becomes a big deal

Team productivity data


Simple reports


Alerts on target accounts


Root causes in one click

What sales
leaders say

"We saw improved velocity because I was able to point back to customer journey data and help reps understand that it was possible."

Chris Esper

Enterprise Sales Manager | Esper

"Say we booked 20 meetings in November and 35 in December. I’m able to click into each data point to find key drivers. Have sales people ramped up? Is marketing contributing? What is really happening?”"

Daniil Esper

Global Sales Development Manager | Esper

Connect the dots

Get the most from Falkon. There's more to discover!

Lead scoring so sophisticated, it's simple

Designed for product led growth

You shouldn't have to guess who your best leads are, so we built a data-driven method to define good leads, find more of them, and reach out.


Full customer journeys

Marketing and sales touchpoints together

Journey 360 unifies data from disconnected sources to tell the whole story of an account's journey, while Smart Stitch resolves identities to connect users with the right accounts.


Cohorted funnel

Diagnose fallout and sticking points

Journey 360 shows you touchpoints at the account level. To explore aggregate pipeline performance at every stage of the journey, use your cohorted funnel.


Infinitely drillable dashboards

Answer questions quickly

Performance monitoring with automated alerts is the best way to know as soon as an issue pops up, but sometimes you want to dive deep. Visit your dashboards to slice any metric with a click.


Journey-based attribution

Reveal true touchpoint influence

"Attribution" has become a dirty word. We're reframing it with the power of a journey-based model that cares a lot about how efficient and important a touchpoint is, and not at all about whether it's touched first, last, or anywhere.


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