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Enforcing Your Sales Process for Success

Tyler Washington Apr 24, 2023 3:24:27 PM

In B2B SaaS, a good sales process is crucial. Defining and enforcing that process can be challenging, especially given today's growing demands. A sales process includes best practices including multithreading, high responsiveness to prospect questions, careful recaps after meetings, and how to engage prospects across sales and marketing, as well as a sales methodology like MEDDIC.

By combining proven strategies with data-driven insights about what works for your company, you can captivate prospects, improve conversions, and establish your organization as a force. Here are some powerful tips for enforcing your sales process and maximizing your potential:

Identify the ideal buyer’s journey

Use historical data to identify the best tactics (across marketing and sales) that nurture target accounts, drive meetings, and advance opportunities through the funnel. Layer on top the best practices you can derive from existing sales methodologies like MEDDIC.

Define Your Sales Process

Define a clear and concise understanding of the steps involved for the entire buyer’s journey - from prospecting to Closed Won. Break down the sales cycle into manageable stages, including prospecting, qualifying, presenting, and closing. Define entrance and exit criteria for each stage. These should be a combination of questions that must be answered by a certain stage, as well as best practices like how responsive the team should be. Ensure that your team has a solid grasp of each stage and that they know how to execute them effectively. A clear roadmap enables consistency and sets the foundation for enforcement.

Define Marketing’s role in the buyer’s journey 

The ideal buyer’s journey extends beyond the sales process. It also includes prospect engagement with marketing activities. Webinars, case studies, battle cards are all valuable marketing assets that can advance deals. Include these in your buyer’s journey definition.

Ensure sales & marketing work as one team.

Your sales and marketing teams must work together like a well-oiled machine to deliver on the ideal buyer’s journey. Establish a strong feedback loop between the two, promoting open communication and collaboration. We recommend a weekly standup as well. By aligning their goals and sharing valuable insights, you'll ensure that your sales process is not only enforced but also continuously optimized for peak performance.

Embrace Automation

Technology is your greatest ally. Leverage powerful sales and marketing tools to streamline your process, automate repetitive tasks, and collect valuable data. CRM platforms, marketing automation software, and AI-powered analytics tools can help enforce your sales process by providing real-time insights, enhancing efficiency, and boosting productivity.

Automatically monitor for infractions

Use automated monitoring to identify any accounts that are in violation of your ideal buyer’s journey or your sales process. Without automation, this simply doesn’t scale for 1000s of accounts. Monitoring should be deep instead of superficial. This ensures that the process is being followed in spirit, not just letter. 

Address process infractions every week

Rely on weekly team meetings, pipeline calls and 1:1s between reps and managers to talk through reps with the most infractions and get to the bottom of why. Enable the team with automation and training to get there. Reward those that are following the process. 

Encourage Accountability and Ownership

Cultivate a culture of accountability within your sales team by setting clear expectations and promoting ownership. Provide the necessary resources and support, but empower your team to take responsibility for their performance. Regular check-ins, performance reviews, and celebrating successes can help enforce your sales process while fostering a sense of camaraderie and motivation.

Enforcing your sales process in B2B SaaS is an ongoing effort that requires dedication, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace new approaches. By combining proven strategies with creative tactics, you can build a strong sales process that drives growth and cements your organization's position as a market leader. Implement these tips, and watch your sales soar to new heights.



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