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and slowdowns

  • Discover where and why your funnel is leaky or clogged
  • Explore lead and opportunity velocity and conversion at every stage, over time
  • Identify your best (and worst) performing channels and campaigns

Find what's wrong and fix it


See how cohorts are performing relative to each other to understand business health over time. 


Explore conversion, latency, and fallout by any dimension, such as attributed channel or account owner. 

Zoom in

When you discover a sticking or fallout point, analyze it with a few clicks so you know exactly what to fix. 

Protip: Create custom funnels for the segments you care about most.

How it works

  • Connect marketing and sales data to Falkon
  • Review your lead and opportunity funnels at a glance
  • Deep dive into latency, conversion rate, and fallout rate in total and by stage
  • Zoom in on data per hundreds of dimensions, such as account industry
  • Analyze by cohort (generally a group of customers who found you during the same quarter)
  • Compare cohorts to gauge conversion and velocity over time

Start with unified data


See the big picture and zoom in


Compare performance over time

Try it!

What funnel
customers say

"The Falkon effect: we know where our new expansion opps are stuck and how to advance them."

Scott Seekout

VP of Sales | Seekout

"Falkon showed us our LinkedIn leads weren't converting. There's a big disparity in what we'd expect."

Lucy Hiya

Sr. Campaign Marketing Manager | Hiya

Connect the dots

Get the most from Falkon. There's more to discover!

Lead scoring so sophisticated, it's simple

Designed for product led growth

You shouldn't have to guess who your best leads are, so we built a data-driven method to define good leads, find more of them, and reach out.


Full customer journeys

Marketing and sales touchpoints together

Journey 360 unifies data from disconnected sources to tell the whole story of an account's journey, while Smart Stitch resolves identities to connect users with the right accounts.


Account monitoring and alerts

Stay on top of every account

Steer clear of backward-looking data dumps that catch issues too late. Get the earliest possible signals with automated alerts sent to Slack or email when something's amiss.


Automated sales productivity reports

Coach with data

Every team has its rockstars. With rep reporting, it's easy to see exactly what those teammates are doing so others can use their tactics to get equally awesome results.


Infinitely drillable dashboards

Answer questions quickly

Performance monitoring with automated alerts is the best way to know as soon as an issue pops up, but sometimes you want to dive deep. Visit your dashboards to slice any metric with a click.


Journey-based attribution

Reveal true touchpoint influence

"Attribution" has become a dirty word. We're reframing it with the power of a journey-based model that cares a lot about how efficient and important a touchpoint is, and not at all about whether it's touched first, last, or anywhere.


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