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Unify Your SaaS Teams for Unstoppable Success

Tyler Washington Apr 24, 2023 3:24:39 PM

Why fight with each other when you can unite your forces and destroy the competition? When these powerhouse departments work in harmony, they can achieve remarkable results, captivating audiences, sparking emotions, and driving revenue. In this post, we explore the creative strategies and proven tactics to help you align your sales and marketing efforts, setting your business up for unparalleled growth:

Start from the customer 

Companies that obsess about the customer journey are the ones that win. This is no different for the buying cycle. Define a shared view of the ideal buyer’s journey across sales and marketing. Leverage historical data to see the common patterns for accounts that were nurtured, penetrated, closed won and turned into happy customers. Replicate that as a formal “Ideal Buyer Journey”.

Jointly Create Buyer Personas and Messaging

Work together to develop detailed buyer personas that reflect your ideal customers' needs, pain points, and preferences. Ensure that both sales and marketing have a deep understanding of these personas and tailor their efforts accordingly. Collaborate on crafting compelling messaging that speaks directly to these personas and addresses their specific concerns, boosting the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and sales pitches.

Establish Shared Goals and Objectives

With this journey in mind, develop shared goals and objectives that both sales and marketing can rally behind. Focus on the entire journey instead of declaring arbitrary victory at lead creation or pipeline generation. This unified focus ensures that everyone is working toward the same goals, fostering collaboration and reducing internal competition.

Invest in journey based attribution instead of source attribution

Anecdotally, all of us know that it takes a village to penetrate target accounts and win them. Yet source based credit is completely misaligned with that wisdom. Invest in journey based attribution that provides fractional credit to all marketing and sales activities that generate pipeline and advance buyers through the funnel. 

Implement Closed-Loop Communication 

Each discipline has weekly meetings too often. These are useful, but marketers and sales reps should collaborate more than with their own team. Sales and marketing should hold weekly joint meetings with shared execution plans, work trackers, and follow-ups. Open communication is essential to alignment. Create a closed-loop sales-marketing communication system to share ideas, feedback, and updates. Regularly share success, issues, and opportunities using collaboration technologies.

Encourage Cross-Team Training and Education

Promote cross-team education by providing sales and marketing with opportunities to learn from each other. Encourage job shadowing, joint workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions to build empathy and understanding between the two departments. This will not only improve collaboration but also give each team valuable insights into the other's challenges and strengths.

Celebrate Successes and Learn from Failures

Recognize and reward the achievements of both sales and marketing, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in driving success. Celebrate joint wins and use failures as learning opportunities to refine strategies, address gaps, and strengthen alignment.

The combined effort of sales and marketing is vital for B2B SaaS companies trying to make an impact in today's competitive industry. You can bring together your sales and marketing teams, optimize their overall potential, and accelerate your company to new heights by combining creativity, and successful tactics. Adopt these strategies and watch your sales and marketing alignment blossom.



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