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Our operating principles

Culture is not defined by beliefs but by the actions people take every day. Here are our daily acts:

Think big

We are bold in our vision with transformative ideas for the future, not just what’s in line of sight today. We let our big vision inform our daily iterative progress.

Deliver results with urgency

We measure our success by the results we deliver for our customers and our team members. We act with urgency and self-motivation. We are resourceful and unblock ourselves to create value for others.

Be radically transparent

We are transparent in our interactions with customers, team mates, prospective hires, investors and partners. This is how we build and retain others’ trust. We express our truth even when it’s uncomfortable. We give and receive feedback with candor because we know it’s a gift.

Get better every day

We are professional athletes, focused on learning iteratively. We set goals and then work methodically to achieve them. We seek feedback from our customers and team members to improve our product, processes and ourselves.

Follow the Golden Rule

We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Whether it is customers, team members or partners, we treat them with respect, genuine interest, fairness and trustworthiness. We know that this is the most durable way to build a company customers and great people want to join.

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