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Generate pipeline that turns into revenue

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Falkon for sales development


Automate large parts of prospecting and get back 30% of your team's time so they can do what they're great at - discovery, conversations, messaging and selling.


Take the guesswork out of what makes ideal accounts and ideal contacts. On-point ICP insights and account multithreading enable your team to focus on prospects that really matter.


With Falkon’s AI coaching, every rep has a data driven and personalized playbook to get high quality meetings and then convert them into pipeline.

How Falkon helps reps generate pipeline that’ll turn into revenue.


Increase pipeline with automated prospecting.

More than ever before, reps are required to source pipeline - and most don’t like doing that. Why not use automated prospecting to find accounts and contacts, enroll them in sequences and only loop in the rep when there’s intent to engage.

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Reduce ramp time and make every BDR a great BDR.

Falkon studies your top performers, benchmarks every rep against that blueprint, and delivers personalized tips to their inboxes. Stellar performance is no longer a mystery but a science that can be easily replicated. This helps you ramp reps faster and make every rep hit their meetings and pipeline goals, not just the top 20%.

Product Led Growth

Turn product signals into revenue.

For product led growth companies, BDRs have to know how accounts are using the product in order to have meaningful conversations and generate pipeline.

With Falkon’s Slack Dossier, your BDRs have the most relevant insights about accounts and end users on their fingertips. Simply ask (in English) and you get the most important facts about your customer. Always show up prepared for customer meetings, and delight them with how much you know. The best part - you don’t need to be an analyst and pour over dashboards and reports to figure it out.

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Reduce no-shows and convert meetings to pipeline.

Falkon monitors every account to ensure that each rep is keeping contacts warm, properly multi-threading and building momentum. This dramatically reduces no-shows and actually results in meetings that turn into pipeline. For inbound leads, Falkon ensures a timely response to all requests so that no lead is left behind.