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Revenue growth case studies

Marketing ops use case

Hiya went from using first touch and last touch attribution to a nuanced understanding of how every marketing and sales touchpoint impacts revenue using Falkon. They've eliminated hours of manual analysis and get more granular insights delivered to their inboxes. 

Sales ops use case

The SeekOut sales team is an an extended period of hyper growth and hiring can't happen fast enough. Falkon removed the immediate need for  a revenue ops manager by highlighting pipeline gaps and quickly answering stakeholder questions. 


Metrics use case

The Remitly revenue management team uses Falkon to analyze and report on pricing metrics. Simple key driver analysis and anomaly detection have shortened their weekly report prep time from several hours each for multiple analysts down to 30 minutes. 


Faster WBRs

Sales Ops use case

During a period of rapid growth, using Excel and Salesforce dashboards for analysis stopped working for the Esper sales team. With Falkon, they receive automated reports with data-driven insights, pointing them toward the highest priorities. Plus, they coach to a playbook based on customer journeys made with data from multiple sources that's unified in Falkon. 


Accurate attribution isn't a mystery. It's math.

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What if your attribution model was based on what actually works for your business? 

  • Based on past success, not rules
  • Adaptable over time
  • Built-in consideration of channel efficiency
  • No human-set rules


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