Solid Pipeline.
Crushed Quota.
No Heroics.

From prospecting to quota attainment, arm your team to overcome any obstacle and win every winnable deal.

Falkon for Sales



Drive daily operational rigor with Falkon’s AI coaching to make revenue generation predictable and consistent, quarter over quarter



Hope is not a strategy. Equip your sales team with strategic insights and deal level recommendations so they can focus on the accounts and activities that generate revenue.



With Falkon’s AI coaching, every rep has a data driven and personalized playbook to generate pipeline and revenue.


Increase pipeline with automated prospecting.

More than ever before, reps are required to source pipeline - and most don’t like doing that. Why not use automated prospecting to find accounts and contacts, enroll them in sequences and only loop in the rep when there’s intent to engage.


Reduce ramp time and make every rep a rockstar.

Falkon studies your top performers, benchmarks every rep against that blueprint, and delivers personalized tips to their inboxes. Stellar performance is no longer a mystery but a science that can be easily replicated. This helps you ramp reps faster and make every rep hit their quota, not just the top 20%.

The result: 87% reps see an increase in win rates.

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Make forecast a reality.

Build your forecast with data driven calls from your reps. Be alerted when any deal starts to look unhealthy. Get AI driven guidance on the next best action to improve deal health.

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Driver daily rigor
for every deal.

Deals close if reps follow the sales methodology in letter and spirit. Falkon enforces that so you are confident every deal is getting the attention and rigor it deserves.

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