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Why Falkon?

Short answer: The systems GTM teams use today were never meant to drive workflows with actionable insights

Long answer: See below

A clear path forward, based on what you do best

Actionable productivity insights

For sales teams, understanding exactly what works is a science. Falkon uses machine learning to understand exactly what top performers do compared to everyone else.

Productivity insights based on on machine learning give you:

  • The ability to coach everyone on your team to perform like your best producer
  • Data points to coach against at the individual and team levels
  • A playbook for how to book more meetings and close more deals based on what actually works for your team
Channel-attribution (1)

Success-based attribution

Attribution can become very messy, very fast. That's why machine learning is the best way to make it accurate. The Falkon system is based on a Markov chain model and considers literally every touchpoint on every journey. Not just multi-touch. Every. Single. Touch. Learn more about success-based attribution >

Success-based attribution gives you:

  • An accurate picture of which tactics actually work to drive revenue, not only leads
  • The breakdown of impact across marketing and sales, thanks to data unification
  • The wisdom to budget and spend confidently based on that accurate picture

Sales, marketing, and product data: together at last!

Journey 360

You've never seen your customer journey like this. GTM data streams have historically been siloed, so they simply couldn't illustrate the full story.

Unified data gives you:

  • A complete timeline of every activity by every account and contact
  • The ability to personalize messages at a deep level
  • Clarity about which team does what, when
  • A new way to use great deals as repeatable playbooks 

Cohorted funnel

The Falkon funnel is highly flexible: you can look at it from any angle, finding fallout and sticking points by segment, channel, and MUCH more. Plus, it's cohorted to give a true view of business health. Learn more about cohorted funnels >

A smart funnel gives you:

  • An at-a-glance view of deal velocity by stage
  • Granular detail on fallout and sticking points
  • A view into lag points by account owner, segment, and many other dimensions
  • Recommendations for how to fix sticking points and leaks

Data-based insights, automated

Daily progress toward goals

We don't love calling what's inside Falkon "dashboards," because most dashboards are better for looking back than driving forward (which is our thing). What's the word for ultra-flexible data visualizations that you can glance at or dive super-duper-deep on in an instant? 

"Dashboards" with actionable insights give you:

  • Daily forecasts that include the likelihood of hitting your best and worst case scenarios at any given point
  • The window to adjust tactics to meet your goals while there's still time to make up for gaps
  • The freedom to wave goodbye to end-of-the-quarter panic (because you've avoided surprises!)
SDR_forecasting (1)

Alerts where you already work

We don't expect Falkon to become your all-day companion. When you're doing what you do, Falkon keeps an eye on the data you care about, like account health and cross-sell opportunities. When an important signal comes through, we'll ping you in Slack or email. 

Automated alerts give you:

  • The peace of mind to not stare at a dashboard all day
  • A simple path to see as much detail as you want about the signals that triggered an alert
  • One-click synching to your CRM or other systems of action
  • Easy channels to communicate with your team and delegate data-driven tasks

Our customers are top performers and efficiency wizards at companies we admire

Tiger Connect
Caphill Brands

Customer wins

Falkon has given us a whole new lens on how our programs are performing and what marketing levers have the greatest impact. It's helped us rethink how we're investing our dollars, the types of demand gen programs we're running, and how we can be more effective across the entire sales and marketing team working together.

Karen Entrust

Chief Marketing Officer | Entrust

I call this The Falkon Effect: The number of stale opportunities in our pipeline came down dramatically. In Salesforce, they're hard to see. Falkon was able to send a daily email saying, hey, here are your stale opps.

Scott Seekout

VP of Sales | Seekout

We see improved velocity with Falkon because I'm able to point back to customer journey data and help reps understand what's possible. When they don't think they can close on the timeframe I'm suggesting, I'm able to show the track record from top performers. It's a great up-skilling mechanism for the team.

Chris Esper

Enterprise Sales Manager | Esper

Without a whole lot of manual work, before Falkon we had no good way to answer a question like, "What were all the touchpoints of this opportunity?" We had a blindspot, so we were just using first touch or last touch attribution. Now we have a cohesive journey and we can make changes based on what we're learning. For example, we liked the leads we were getting from LinkedIn, but Falkon showed us they weren't converting to opportunities.

Lucy Hiya

Sr. Campaign Marketing Manager | Hiya