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Automate 80% of Pipeline Generation to Increase Pipeline & Revenue

Tyler Washington Apr 24, 2023 3:24:33 PM

Automate 80% of pipeline generation to increase pipeline & revenue

We’re in a tough market. Team sizes are not growing, marketing budgets are being slashed, yet the effort and money it’s taking to generate pipeline is only going up.

Pioneering companies are leveraging intelligent automation to generate even more pipeline than before at a fraction of the cost.

Here are all the pipeline generation tasks that can be 100% automated:
  1. Assess truly ideal accounts based on historical data
  2. Identify new target accounts that match these ideal account criteria
  3. Find appropriate contacts within each account
  4. Enrich and score accounts and contacts - Bucket them into Tiers
  5. Assign Tier 1 accounts to SDRs and automatically create tasks for cold calling and sequences
  6. Auto enroll Tier 2 accounts and contacts into the “best” sequence for them
  7. Auto enroll Tier 3 accounts and contacts into the “best” marketing campaigns for them
  8. Auto generate and refine sales sequence emails using generative AI
  9. Auto generate and refine marketing content, ad copy and creative using generative AI
  10. Monitor behavioral intent signals shown by prospects and automatically promote engaged prospects with your human SDR and sales team for deeper conversation

The net impact - a fully automated and precise account based motion across marketing and sales with seamless handoffs to humans to do what they do best - conversation.


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