The Evolution of RevOps



Welcome to the world of B2B SaaS, where change is the only constant, and the revolution of Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the latest blockbuster. So, buckle up as we dive into the exciting shifts happening in the RevOps landscape!

Looking back, we see that the initial five years of RevOps were characterized by a singular focus: empowering sales teams with processes and vendor products. Those who surfed the first wave of RevOps typically began their journeys as Salesforce admins, mastering the tools that sales teams utilized.

Expanding Horizons: RevOps, The All-Rounder

The first significant shift we're witnessing is that RevOps isn't just about sales anymore. It's broadening its horizons to cover all operations related to revenue generation, including marketing, pipeline, expansions, and renewals operations.

Why is this expansion so vital?

Picture a relay race where the baton keeps getting dropped, causing the team to lose precious time. That's what it's like when go-to-market teams operate in silos. The fallout is leads disappearing like socks in a laundry, marketing and sales pointing fingers at each other, and sales passing non-ideal customers to customer success, leading to a churn predicament.

Enter RevOps, the Gandalf of our story, breaking down these silos with an "You shall not pass" attitude. By promoting data-driven communication, automated handoffs, and radical transparency, RevOps is building bridges across teams. This transformation demands tools that unify the go-to-market team, much like the One Ring in 'Lord of the Rings', but without the world domination part. You can either do it yourself or opt for a tool like Falkon that optimizes the entire revenue lifecycle, from demand to renewal.

From Tactical to Strategic: The Rise of RevOps Leaders 

The second evolution is the transition of RevOps from a tactical role to a strategic one. We're observing a surge of professionals from management consulting, sales, and partnerships moving into RevOps leadership roles.

Why this shift, you ask?

Well, there's a growing need for someone who can survey the entire revenue lifecycle, pinpointing the biggest opportunities and threats. These individuals are the Sherlock Holmes of revenue generation, with a keen analytical ability and a deep understanding of data and business dynamics. They are the trusted advisors to the CRO, CFO, and CEO.

For current RevOps professionals aiming for these roles, it's time to level up. Developing business acumen, honing analytical skills to foresee opportunities, and leveraging tools that highlight strategic intelligence to the leadership team are crucial.

So, there you have it. The world of RevOps is evolving, and we're here for this action-packed journey. Are you? Remember, in the world of RevOps, being a superhero isn't about capes or superpowers; it's about adaptability, strategic thinking, and a commitment to breaking down silos.


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