Mastering Momentum: The Art of Keeping Deals Alive



The True Deal-Killer: Loss of Momentum, Not Time

In the realm of B2B SaaS sales, one truism rings loud and clear: time kills all deals. But wait, it's not just the tick-tocking clock that we're talking about here. Rather, it's the loss of momentum that plays the executioner. Indeed, deal momentum is as critical in closing a deal as understanding the prospects' needs and pains.

Traditional sales processes like MEDDIC / MEDDPIC serve as valuable roadmaps, illuminating the information necessary to secure a deal. However, they fall short when it comes to laying out a practical, step-by-step playbook on how to gather this data and, most importantly, how to construct and sustain momentum.

Let's bury the fallacy of short-term, discount-driven strategies. Real deal momentum isn't about luring prospects with a ticking discount clock. It's about highlighting the urgency of their problem, making it clear why a resolution cannot wait.

Driving Momentum in Long Deal Cycles

So, how do the best sales reps sustain operational rigor and keep the deal momentum rolling in long-cycle accounts? Here are some tried-and-true strategies:

Multi-threading for Maximum Engagement

Building connections with 10+ contacts within an account isn't overkill – it's smart sales. Having multiple touch-points fosters an atmosphere of familiarity and trust, and ensures that there's always an open communication line, even if one or two threads unravel.

High-Value Interactions: Frequency & Quality Matters

A quick 'checking in' email won't cut it in a high-stakes deal. Prospects appreciate and respond to high-value interactions that show your understanding of their unique needs. Aim for at least one meaningful interaction every two weeks. This doesn't always mean meetings or calls; it could be sharing valuable articles, sending a humorous meme, or dispatching a thoughtful corporate gift.

Build a Team of Champions

Long deal cycles come with changes. People move. Reorganizations happen. Diversify your connections within the prospect's organization. You don't want all your eggs in one basket when your champion moves to a different role or leaves the company altogether.

Always Ask, "What's Changed?"

Change is a constant in business. Whenever you reconnect with your prospect, make it a point to ask what's changed since your last interaction. This gives you an opportunity to realign your offering and maintain relevance in the face of shifting dynamics.

Engage Prospects with 'Homework'

Getting prospects involved can build a sense of commitment. By encouraging them to complete tasks or 'homework', you're getting them invested in the process, keeping them engaged, and reinforcing momentum.

Positive Reinforcement and Constructive Feedback

Positively reinforce beneficial behavior and don't shy away from calling out negative actions, like going dark. This can lead to better communication and respect, ultimately boosting momentum.

Recap, Deliver, Repeat

Send a concise recap of every call/meeting within 24 hours, underlining the next steps. When you're timely and reliable, you send a message: we are professional, we value your time, and we don't tolerate sloppiness. This consistency is key to keeping the momentum alive.

In summary, driving momentum in long B2B SaaS deal cycles requires skill, tenacity, and strategy. It's not just about having information; it's about knowing how to build momentum and keep it strong. By implementing these tactics, you can effectively navigate these long cycles and clinch the deal. After all, the ticking clock isn't your enemy - it's the opportunity for you to show your prospect why they need to act now.

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