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Every drop of revenue matters

Growth at all costs dead.

Pipeline fixes all problems dead.

Optimize all aspects of revenue.

From prospecting to renewal.

With Falkon, all go-to-market data is unified and cleaned with minimal effort. Then AI is applied to this shared data foundation to mine actionable insights about the biggest opportunities and threats to revenue. Finally, these insights are used to automate and optimize the entire revenue life cycle.


The result
Predictable revenue growth and retention, a unified go-to-market team, and most important - your confidence and peace of mind.


"With Falkon, we’ve stopped thinking in silos. It’s not about inbound or outbound. It’s about quality pipeline. It’s not about marketing or sales, but revenue generation. It’s not about account management and CS, it’s about revenue protection. A single tool that covers the entire revenue spectrum."

Scott Seekout

VP Sales | Seekout

Forecast the entire lifecycle

Old school forecasting technology only looks a quarter ahead and only forecasts revenue (even that’s not accurate because product data isn’t leveraged at all).

Falkon uses all sales, marketing and product usage data to forecast pipeline, new logos, expansion revenue, and renewals with unprecedented accuracy and foresight up to 12 months out. 

Now that’s what predictable and efficient revenue planning looks like.



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Fix the leaky revenue funnel 

Generic dashboards simply don’t provide actionable answers to the most important revenue questions, nor help you understand the key drivers of the business.

Falkon’s funnel intelligence, customer journey insights, and revenue attribution provides actionable recommendations about where the biggest leaks and bottlenecks are, how to evolve your ICP, and what tactics to use to to address them.

The result: Minimal leaks and faster deal cycles 

Automate and prioritize so 100% of rep time is revenue generation time

40% of rep time is wasted in non-revenue generating activities. Automate large aspects of prospecting, account prioritization, and customer outreach to free up your reps to do what they’re great at - writing creative sequences, conversing with prospects and advancing deals. 

And you’re guaranteed that every account is an ICP account and every contact is an ICP contact.

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Make every rep a great rep

Deals close if reps follow the sales methodology in letter and spirit. Falkon enforces that so you are confident every deal is getting the attention and rigor it deserves. Falkon monitors every rep’s performance to identify what makes the best reps great, then benchmarks every reps against that blueprint, and provides daily personalized coaching tips (delivered to the rep’s inbox) as well as next best actions for prospecting and deals.


For every member of the go-to-market team

Revenue Operations

Unify all reporting needs in one tool, with flexibility to meet each team’s needs, enforce sales processes, and generate game changing insights for the business in minutes.


Make accurate forecasts, get complete visibility in minutes, understand pipeline risk, automate non-revenue generating activities, and make every rep great with AI coaching.

Account Management

Identify hidden opportunities for expansion, and threats to renewals. Provide accounts with highly personalized messages, including automated QBRs such that every account feels like a million bucks without any manual work for you.

Demand Gen

Understand the true influence of demand generation programs on pipeline and revenue.

Business Development

Automate the manual parts of prospecting, and leverage AI coaching to drive consistent pipeline generation from every BDR. 


Bring Finance-level rigor to go-to-market teams, work with reporting you can trust, and make confident budget decisions based on real ROI for marketing and sales.

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