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Sales teams, say goodbye to guess work

We hear your questions

With so much activity, how can you be sure each account in the pipeline is being pursued appropriately? How can you prioritize deals without better product usage data? And how are you supposed to grow if your leads don't seem like your ideal customer? 

What's happening in the pipeline?

With SDRs and AEs responsible for so many accounts, you need to an easy way to know if team members fall behind on outbound SLAs

Which accounts should be top priority?

In a product led world, the most engaged accounts are ripe for your team, but you don't have clear visibility into product usage to find them

Is marketing driving the right leads? 

You don't have transparency into marketing tactics and sometimes the leads your team receives don't feel like a fit for your product

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Grow faster with Falkon

Product usage signals for fast action

Lookalike modeling
Identify new leads in product users who behave similarly to ready accounts

Prioritize accounts 
Get a list of accounts that show early signal on readiness to activate, convert, and expand

One-click workflows
Send your lists directly to your CRM, ready to enroll in campaigns immediately

Product usage

Account-level product usage data

SDR activity-1

SDR activity alerts

Sales and marketing visibility

SDR goal tracking and reporting
Get an automated report highlighting SDR victories and challenges based to coach your team with data

Shared account timelines
Review marketing and sales activities next to each other on a shared timeline built with data from your CRM and MAP

Account activity alerts
Know right away when target accounts need attention as indicated by a decrease in outbound or inbound activity

Game changing Markov attribution

Proving your team's value should never be a challenge, but rule-based attribution models don't tell the real story.

Falkon created success-based attribution built on a modified Markov attribution model. It looks at the prevalence and importance of every marketing and sales touchpoint in your customer journeys, giving highest weight to the touchpoints that are most influential in successful journeys. 

The model updates monthly so there's never any question about what prospects are responding to. 

Learn about our model > 


Success-based attribution

Customer journeys

Stitched customer journey

Customer journeys and playbooks

Journey 360 
See end-to-end account-level journeys using data combined from marketing and sales sources, inclusive of online and offline activities. Falkon surfaces as many as 30% more touchpoints than current systems.

Smart Stitch
Find disparate contacts and leads, and match them to the right accounts to enable Account Based Marketing

Understand the precise mix, order, and number of activities involved in taking key accounts from lead to closed won, making it simple to replicate success

Actionable funnels with velocity insights

Unified marketing and sales funnels
Explore business health at every stage from inquiry
through closed won in one data set
Cohorted funnels to assess health over time
Falkon funnels represent groups of customers that first engaged with your product at the same time for apples-to-apples conversion data 
Learn why cohorts matter >

Fallout and sticking points
Diagnose velocity issues with a visual representation of funnel fallout and sticking points  


Actionable funnel


Dynamic metrics

Dynamic reporting to answer any question

Easiest metric analysis ever
Deep dive all of your performance data in one place, using simple filters instead of days of analyst time. Find root causes and key drivers with a click.

Automated reports
Set up the reports you repeat, like WBR, to be created for you on the cadence you choose

Trend and anomaly alerts
Find out immediately when your data shows a slow trend or a sudden anomaly, even when it's happening three layers under the metrics you regularly review

Marketing and sales teams love Falkon

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Caphill Brands

Accurate attribution isn't a mystery. It's math.

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What if your attribution model was based on what actually works for your business? 

  • Based on past success, not rules
  • Adaptable over time
  • Built-in consideration of channel efficiency
  • No human-set rules


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