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Pipeline operations is the integrated activities of sales, marketing, and sales development teams to identify engage, and ultimately convert high quality prospects into customers. Effective pipeline operations requires these three teams to coordinate research, outbound prospecting, account segmentation, and follow-ups to ensure the right message is being consistently delivered to the right person.

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pipeline operations
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Pipeline Operations as the Powerhouse of RevOps

Pipeline Operations as the Powerhouse of RevOps

In the complex landscape of revenue operations, the concept of pipeline operations emerges as a game-changer. This strategic shift is centered on...

Unblock Pipeline Generation with a Pipeline Audit

Pipeline Audits are a powerful tool for understanding where the blockers to your Pipeline Generation process are. They provide a comprehensive review of your sales, marketing, and sales development tactics and activities to diagnose where you may be experiencing pipeline leakage.

Pipeline audits examine four parts of the revenue generation cycle:

  • Inbound to Meetings Booked: Explore lead quality, routing, messaging, and follow-up
  • Outbound to Meetings Booked: Explore ICP criteria for accounts and contacts, level of activity, and multithreading
  • Meetings Booked to Meetings Held: Explore nurture and follow-ups
  • Meetings Held to Pipeline Generated: Review followups, marketing touchpoint, and qualification criteria
Interested in your own pipeline audit? Contact our team and we'll share our detailed pipeline audit guidebook completely free of charge!
Operationalizing Your Pipeline

Operationalizing Your Pipeline

The Power of a Pipeline Council in B2B SaaS GTM teams so frequently get focused on the current quarter’s pipeline and forecast that they lose sight...

Assembling a pipeline council
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Automate 80% of Pipeline Generation to Increase Pipeline & Revenue

Automate 80% of Pipeline Generation to Increase Pipeline & Revenue

Automate 80% of pipeline generation to increase pipeline & revenue We’re in a tough market. Team sizes are not growing, marketing budgets are being...

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