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For demand generation teams

Everything you need for data-driven demand generation, and channel and campaign management.

In less than 2 minutes.
You're constantly surprised by:
  • Underperforming channels and campaigns
  • Anemic upper funnels
  • Poor lead mix and pipeline coverage
  • Accounts fizzling out
But it's too late. Pipeline goals have been missed and revenue forecasts are out of reach. 
Falkon provides the insights to help demand generation teams see around corners and fix issues before they become problems, i.e. poor quality pipeline.
  • Proactive goal tracking for channels, campaigns, and demand generation KPIs like Inquiries, Lead Mix, and pipeline coverage.
  • Account Journey tracing to understand the touches that lead to Account conversion.
  • Data driven multi-touch attribution that accurately assigns credit to the right channels, campaigns, landing pages and content.
  • Early warning system for dips in channel and campaign performance, poor pipeline coverage, wrong lead mix, and account health.
  • Opportunity finder to proactively identify highest conversion paths, highest converting leads, best lead mix, and highest performing channel & campaigns.
  • Funnel Diagnostics to understand the root cause behind poor pipeline coverage, slow deal velocity and dips in channel and campaign performance.

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